Three Mountains is the preferred facilitator and producer of e-learning and online workshop video content. Leaders choose us to develop engaging content that is easy to follow for user and easy to generate passive income for teachers.



Vegan and whole food-friendly nutritionist Meghan Telpner leveraged a popular online presence and a strong curriculum of in-person nutrition classes into a passive income powerhouse. Three Mountains worked with Meghan to help transform her business, producing over 10 hours of instructional video, and numerous promotional videos.


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Jane Durst-Pulkys - Live blood cell analysis

A multi-disciplinary holistic practitioner and author with over 30 years experience in wellness, Jane Durst-Pulkys has built a passionate and determined following thanks to an empathetic and energetic personality, a wealth of knowledge, and a unique set of tools to help people achieve their health goals. After teaching her course "Live Blood Cell Analysis" for over 10 years, Jane is finally taking her business online, offering the certificate level course thanks to the content produced by Three Mountains.

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Lori kennedy - The Wellness business academy

"Badass Ladyboss" Lori Kennedy is a force to be reckoned with and wants to show other women how to become one too. Lori's course takes a no-nonsense approach at what it takes to change your life, including leaving behind traditional gender roles and guilt in favour of empowerment and determination. This course features long-form instructional content, all produced by Three Mountains.