Walk a Day with Justin Trudeau

Three Mountains co-produced this video, showing new Prime Minister (then MP and Liberal Leader) Justin Trudeau walking a day in the shoes of a Personal Support Worker (PSW) named Emily. This video was commissioned by SEIU, the union that represents PSW's like Emily, who invited the leaders of all 3 main political parties to follow a PSW on a regular work day. Mr. Trudeau was the only leader to accept the invitation.

three mountains justin trudeau phil stirling bryan goman
three mountains justin trudeau
three mountains justin trudeau bryan goman seiu
three mountains justin trudeau bryan goman

Co-produced and edited by CNW.

Producer/Director - Bryan Goman

Videographers - Silvio Bulgaretti, Phil Stirling


foodstuffs - the podcast

Today marks the launch of Foodstuffs - the podcast that starts with food and ends up anywhere. Hosted and produced by Bryan Goman and Jessica Walker, the biweekly podcast explores food's intersection with many of our most pressing and discussed issues: health, politics, social issues, the environment, education, nutrition, access, etc.

For our maiden voyage, we consider Canadian identity, question authenticity, and value emotions that get expressed through the eyes.

Do you notice how you can always find a Chinese-Canadian restaurant, no matter what small town you visit in Canada? We speak with a photographer whose parents owned the only Chinese-Canadian restaurant in their town growing up.

And then we head to downtown Toronto, to a community centre that's messing with a Canadian tradition and giving school children (and beyond!) the opportunity to learn where their dinner comes from.

Thanks this week to Connie Tsang (www.connietsangphotos.com) and Kevin Lee; Taste of China and Scadding Court Community Centre. Thanks also to Erik Betlem and CIUT for recording facilities.

Look for Foodstuffs biweekly on Soundcloud or via our Tumblr.

The Fire Escape Sessions on CBC News

Did you catch The Fire Escape Sessions on CBC News last weekend? Neither did we, but it happened! Thanks to the success of her latest single "Never Will", Terra Lightfoot's fire escape performance was featured on CBC News. This is what happens when you combine great artists, friendly (small) crowds, and some talented cinematographers. So pleased for Terra and for the Fire Escape to see their day in the sun.

The Toronto Sound radio program

Very excited for the airing of the 1st of 13 episodes of the radio-doc series The Toronto Sound by producers Jeff Pickering and Paul Saunders of Festival Xpress. Three Mountains was retained for audio engineering and editing and we're very enthused to be part of the series.

The Toronto Sound is retrospective look into the sociopolitical climate of the 1960's, through the lens of the R&B/rock n'roll sound that was birthed in Yorkville and the clubs on Yonge street, featuring music greats such as Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks (before they became The Band), Neil Young, Luke & the Apostles, David Clayton Thomas, Domenic Troiano, and many, many more.

View from the control room,  The Toronto Sound  during a live taping.

View from the control room, The Toronto Sound during a live taping.

The series, hosted by Grammy Award winner Rob Bowman, was recorded and filmed live at the U of T Map Room studio and will air on CIUT 89.5 FM. The first episode features blues harp legend, the late King Biscuit Boy aka Richard Newell and will air Tuesday, March 10 at 12pm.

More info on this series to follow.

Fire Escape Sessions - Season 3

A few years ago I moved into a artist-friendly, Manhattan-style loft right in the heart of the Entertainment District. The building was filled with creatives - graphic designers, directors, musicians, photographers, DPs, actors, etc - and we met most of them for the first time on the building’s iconic fire escape. The fire escape was special for not only serving as a meeting place, it was a space for art - photo shoots, numerous film and TV shoots…but no music. I felt this needed to change, so I started booking solo performers at first, and eventually bands, to play a short set (usually 20-35 minutes) in front of friends, building residents, and usually someone holding a camera. The shows were never advertised and our “crowd” was usually somewhere between 5-15 very lucky people.

The intention was not to create another single camera live performance video series, but instead to simply bring music to the fire escape. It just so happens that the people attending the fire escape were talented and enthusiastic about helping capture these sessions. I recorded audio on my Zoom H4n and matched the audio with video shot by Josh MacDonald, Steven Brule, Andrew Williamson, and Mitch Schmalz.

This “new season” is essentially a retrospective of unreleased performances from both seasons. Call them the fire escape’s “lost” sessions.

I’m happy to be able to share these videos, but want to recognize the artists who performed on the nights where there was no video shot. These musicians won’t get the benefit of “shareable video content” but all contributed greatly to what these sessions were all about - sharing music in an intimate and unusual space. So thanks to…
Nadia Lucey Pacey, Sarah Lindsay, Graham MacDonald, Michael Burns, Ankur Tayal, Blaise Finnissey, Jullian Petti, Maccie Paquette, Matt Taylor, Jamie Mac, The Fires Of, Dave Borins, Peter Krpan, Seas, Itchy Bones, Shawna Capsi, Dallas Sutherland, Angela Saini, Eunice Keitan, Blair Harvey, and Secret Heights.

Special thanks to Connie Tsang, Geoff Fogden, Thom Huhtala, Genna Bauder, and Super Nick for helping make this series happen every week.

Who knows, maybe the Fire Escape Sessions will resurface as a live concert series again…for now enjoy these videos.


Helipad testing with Aercoustics

Had a great day shooting atop the Markham Stouffville Hospital yesterday with Aercoustics and Octopus Ink. Aercoustics is an acoustical engineering firm that designed a double isolation system for MSH to reduce noise and vibration within the hospital, including the nearby MRI and neonatal care units.

Three Mountains was retained through marketing gurus Octopus Ink to record a testing session to see how well their system worked. The results? Their system works and helicopters are really cool.

For the test, the Aercoustics team set up mics and sensors around the hospital and helipad, and a helicopter was brought in to do some test landings. We mounted GoPro cameras inside the helicopter and on the roof, and had videographers shooting from the roof and inside control area.

The final video will also include interviews we shot with key hospital stakeholders and the Aercoustics team. Stay tuned!

Cinematographers - Silvio Bulgaretti, Josh MacDonald

Producer / Director - Bryan Goman

COLT Hockey

What a blast we had shooting last Thursday at the Mastercard Centre for Hockey Excellence with COLT Hockey! Dollies on the ice, a plethora of cables and lights, and overall a fun and extremely efficient shoot. 

colt cast and crew

COLT is a hockey stick startup, launched last year after a wildly successful Kickstartr campaign. This year they're taking another step with the Gen 2 COLT stick and looked to Three Mountains to produce a spot that would show how far this small company has come in a year.

Half our crew spent most of the day on skates, which was such a thrill as lifelong hockey fans and players. With the Maple Leaf's practicing on the opposite rink, we were definitely the hardest working team on the ice!

adam white

Post-production has begun and this will be another quick turnaround. Stay tuned for the final product...

Director - Sarah MacLeod

Producer - Bryan Goman

Cinematographer - Josh Balkowski

Shooting in High Park

I love shooting outside. Toronto has so many beautiful and unique locations for shoots. Near the top of the list is the oft-overlooked (somehow) High Park. We had a great shoot last weekend with nutritionist and entrepreneur Lori Kennedy. We filmed Lori all over the park, including at the Grenadier Cafe (thanks to Kristina and Dave for graciously allowing us to shoot), filming content  for her Wellness Business Academy.


Nice weather, relaxed client/talent, great crew...what more could we ask for?

Only 12 days later and we're delivering final files. Lori's happy and so are we! Hopefully the first of many projects with Lori and her team.

Cinematographer - Phil Stirling

Location soundman - Thom Huhtala

Producer / Director - Bryan Goman

We're live

The new threemountains.ca is live and we're pretty happy about it. How about a quick tour? Check out our projects section to see some of our work to date. Speaking of our work, have you seen our reel yet? Stay right here if you want to see our work as it happens. For example, check out this video we just completed for nutritionist Jane Durst Pulkys.

Cinematographer - Maximillian Vartanian

Camera assist / sound - Patrick McQuaig

Producer / Director - Bryan Goman

Jane is doing some really interesting work  - definitely not what most people would think of when they think of dieting and nutrition - this program is a great example. Metabolic balance is a weight loss system that is custom designed based on blood results, health makeup and personal weight and health goals. We're very happy to be working with Jane and her team. More to come from JDP...stay tuned. 'Till later...