We're live

The new is live and we're pretty happy about it. How about a quick tour? Check out our projects section to see some of our work to date. Speaking of our work, have you seen our reel yet? Stay right here if you want to see our work as it happens. For example, check out this video we just completed for nutritionist Jane Durst Pulkys.

Cinematographer - Maximillian Vartanian

Camera assist / sound - Patrick McQuaig

Producer / Director - Bryan Goman

Jane is doing some really interesting work  - definitely not what most people would think of when they think of dieting and nutrition - this program is a great example. Metabolic balance is a weight loss system that is custom designed based on blood results, health makeup and personal weight and health goals. We're very happy to be working with Jane and her team. More to come from JDP...stay tuned. 'Till later...