"Child Welfare in Ontario"



OACAS faces the challenge of trying to coordinate the efforts of many different children's aid societies, representing many different groups that are trying to care for children across Ontario who need our help. The agency had struggled with cutting through to politicians and the public in the crowded social space.

Three Mountains was honoured to be selected to produce this campaign, and, to address the challenge of cutting through the noise, cast a child's voice as the narrator in both the English and French versions of this video. This unusual approach forced viewers to consider the messages from the perspective of a child in need. The response to this creative decision was lauded and has helped the video break through to deliver its message.

Producer - Bryan Goman

Editor - Christie McNabb

OACAS child welface landscape.png

In addition to the jarring voice-over, this video was applauded by the agency for its captivating artwork and animation, created by Christie McNabb. Three Mountains was happy to contribute art from this video to the production of printed and digital literature, which helped give this campaign a common look.

OACAS child welfare votes.png