COLT Hockey

What a blast we had shooting last Thursday at the Mastercard Centre for Hockey Excellence with COLT Hockey! Dollies on the ice, a plethora of cables and lights, and overall a fun and extremely efficient shoot. 

colt cast and crew

COLT is a hockey stick startup, launched last year after a wildly successful Kickstartr campaign. This year they're taking another step with the Gen 2 COLT stick and looked to Three Mountains to produce a spot that would show how far this small company has come in a year.

Half our crew spent most of the day on skates, which was such a thrill as lifelong hockey fans and players. With the Maple Leaf's practicing on the opposite rink, we were definitely the hardest working team on the ice!

adam white

Post-production has begun and this will be another quick turnaround. Stay tuned for the final product...

Director - Sarah MacLeod

Producer - Bryan Goman

Cinematographer - Josh Balkowski