foodstuffs - the podcast

Today marks the launch of Foodstuffs - the podcast that starts with food and ends up anywhere. Hosted and produced by Bryan Goman and Jessica Walker, the biweekly podcast explores food's intersection with many of our most pressing and discussed issues: health, politics, social issues, the environment, education, nutrition, access, etc.

For our maiden voyage, we consider Canadian identity, question authenticity, and value emotions that get expressed through the eyes.

Do you notice how you can always find a Chinese-Canadian restaurant, no matter what small town you visit in Canada? We speak with a photographer whose parents owned the only Chinese-Canadian restaurant in their town growing up.

And then we head to downtown Toronto, to a community centre that's messing with a Canadian tradition and giving school children (and beyond!) the opportunity to learn where their dinner comes from.

Thanks this week to Connie Tsang ( and Kevin Lee; Taste of China and Scadding Court Community Centre. Thanks also to Erik Betlem and CIUT for recording facilities.

Look for Foodstuffs biweekly on Soundcloud or via our Tumblr.